Government to help innovators protect patents

Government to help innovators protect patents

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has partnered with the Uganda Small Scale Industries A association (USSIA) to protect patent rights and protect patent rights and promote small scale industries.

This was during the sensitization workshop for USSIA Kampala members on the World Intellectual Property Day on Monday.

The partnership is expected to help innovators and owners of small-scale businesses to follow up on their products and innovations and protect them from individuals who may want to pirate them.

The Ministry’s director for science research and innovation, Maxwell Otim Onapa, said the ministry will work in partnership with USSIA to ensure that the SMEs do not fall victim to piracy.

Onapa said many small business owners have been cheated because they do not have a way of protecting their businesses.

Some of them have been tricked into selling their copyright or trademarks and therefore, could not benefit from their brand names.

Onapa advised innovators to ensure they are protected since they put a lot of effort into innovations.

He noted that his Ministry will register and develop for them the required infrastructure and ensure there is an enabling environment for them to operate.

The Government will also identify key SME areas to support, especially those related to intellectual property.