Minister of Education, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni

As schools prepare to open on 15th October for candidates as directed by the president of Uganda, the government under the ministry of Education and sports has issued new timelines for learners with various adjustments in the start and end of school terms.

Candidates are expected to begin their second term on 15th October and end it on 18th December while third term begins January 11th and closes April 30th 2021 according to the new timelines.

Primary Leaving Examinations will be done 30th and 31st next year 2021, Uganda Certificate of Education Examination will start on April 6 and the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations will start on May 3rd next year.

According to Janet Museveni, there will not be a dead year for any learner despite the status. All continuing students will continue learning from home by digital means and printed materials by the ministry. “There will be no dead year and we are doing all we can to ensure that all children learn whatever they have.” The minister of Education and sports stated.

Speaking to new vision Journalists yesterday Janet added that the government plans to distribute nine million radios to various households around the country, which will enhance home schooling.

Candidates are expected to begin registration immediately after reopening, a process that will take about five weeks.

There are 13.8M learners who will continue learning from home and 1.2million learners that will report to school in October. However international schools are fully reopening with a provision to provide their study programs, the number of learners in the school and measures for implementing sops.