Government revises Lockdown Restrictions

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr.Ruth Jane Aceng

Government revises Lockdown Restrictions

Speaking to the Press at her home in Muyenga yesterday, Minister of Health, Ruth Aceng said that government had lifted the restriction on mass gatherings 70 people to 200 but must adhere to Standard Operation Procedures set by the Ministry.

This comes a day after the launch of presidential campaigns that began on 9th November, however, Aceng said the move was prompted by the notable compliance to the SOPs in most schools and places of worship and the ongoing epidemiological assements of the outbreak, which has found no increase in transmission because of opening these institutions.

Other restrictions lifted include reopening of cinemas, gyms, massage parlours, casinos, gaming outlets and mobile markets, which have been closed for over eight months.

Aceng said that business outlets including the mobile outlets will be allowed to open on November 14th and will be required to follow the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).