Former LRA Commander Dominic Ogwen to receive Verdict Today

LRA Commander Dominic Ogwen

Former LRA Commander Dominic Ogwen to receive Verdict Today

Former Lord Resistance Army commander Dominic Ogwen will receive verdict today from International Criminal Court.

Ogwen is charged with offences committed while serving as a commander in the rebel outfit commanded by Joseph Kony.

In his defence, Ogwen 45-year-old says he was abducted by rebels at a tender age and brain washed to join their movement.

He says that he is not personally liable for any crimes since he was also a victim of the abduction and was a slave of the rebel movement.

The International Criminal Court will however give its verdict after weighing evidence from both the prosecution and Ogwen’s arguments in the case.

Ogwen and Joseph Kony are believed to be the only ones of their movement to be alive.

Ogwen is accused of commanding LRA rebels who attacked four camps for displaced people in Pajule in Pader District, Abok, Lukodi, Odek in Gulu and Oyam districts killing, raping and looting among other crimes committed by the insurgents.