Former FDC Presidential Candidate Besigye Joins Amuriat

Former FDC Presidential Candidate Besigye Joins Amuriat

Dr Kiiza Besigye has joined the Party’s Presidential Candidate on his campaign trail in Bunyoro sub region and rallied Ugandans to vote for change.

Yesterday, Forum for Democratic Change was launching its party manifesto where the former party Presidential Candidate Besigye was in attendance.

Besigye urged the public to embrace change and realise that President Museveni who they supported in the Bush War changed long ago and is a now a different man.

He said the military rule has concentrated power in a small group of people which has suppressed majority of Ugandans.

Besigye warned the people of Bunyoro that the road infrastructure being done in the region might only benefit the current government to exploit oil and leave the region impoverished like the colonialists did when they built the railway.