First Lady tasks Women Mobilisers to share party achievements

First Lady tasks Women Mobilisers to share party achievements

Mrs Janet Museveni has commended the NRM women mobilisers commitment to the party. Mrs Museveni advised them not to get tired of telling people about the achievements of the NRM government.

According to a statement issued from State House yesterday, Mrs Museveni asked the women mobilisers to always refer to the available information on the various government development programmers and transformation in their respective areas. She said this information is useful to defend their party and clarify why people should vote the NRM government back to power to ensure continuity of the transformation agenda.

Mrs Museveni was addressing a group of 100 NRM women mobilisers from the 34 sub-counties of Ntungamo district, who she hosted at her home in Irenga on Wednesday.

She said although there have been some loopholes in the Government development programmes, the NRM government has been registering developments will go on in the various sectors of the economy.

Talking about the current situation in Uganda, where some opposition leaders have failed to control their supporters resulting in riots, the First Lady reminded the women about the Old Testament biblical teaching about the High Priest; Eli, who failed to tame the abominable conduct of his sons and subsequently, he died on the same day with his children as a punishment from God.


Delivering President Museveni’s message on the NRM party campaign Strategy 2020/2021 to the women, Mrs Museveni explained that the primary mobilisation areas will be villages, places of work and educational institutions. She also talked about the NRM government’s vision of creating wealth and jobs through the four sub-sectors of commercial farming, industrialization, ICT, and services such as tourism and education. She urged the people of Ntungamo and Uganda in general to elect the NRM flag-bearers, saying they are the only genuine leaders to continue leading Ugandans on this journey for economic growth and prosperity.