Kampala Lord Mayor polls: Lukwago discontent with Election Process

FDC To Contest Parliamentary Election Victories

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party says it will contest parliamentary election victories against 11 of its candidates in the just-concluded general election.

The FDC president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, said the party is not contented with the defeat of its candidates in Jonam County, Pakwach district and Obongi County in Moyo.

The Jonam County seat was won by finance state minister Jachan Omach, while FDC’s Hassan Kaps Fungaroo lost the Obongi seat. Amuriat, who also lost in the presidential election, accused the National Resistance Movement party of using underhand methods, including the military, to disadvantage FDC candidates in what he said were assured victories for the party.

Amuriat made the remarks while addressing journalists yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Wakiso. “On the eve of the elections, our candidate for Jonam q County (Robert Onega) was attacked and his entire campaign team taken away. We are waiting for the military to release them,” he said.

Amuriat also cited an incident in which Fungaroo was reportedly waylaid by NRM supporters and beaten on January 10, resulting in his hospitalization.

The hospitalization, Amuriat added, meant that Fungaroo could not supervise the January 14 election, resulting in the defeat of the legislator. He, however, said they are working on reclaiming the seats and that they will use all mechanisms at their disposal to get them back.