FDC Launches 2021 Poll manifesto

FDC Launches 2021 Poll manifesto

FDC Launches 2021 Poll manifesto

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party launched its 2021 manifesto in Hoima City in attendance of many party leaders including former party Presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye.

The party pledged a number of things to accomplish once voted into power come 2021.

One of the party plans is to establish a high standard inter and intra-city transport road Network to connect the country, construct modern bus terminal across the federal states.

They have also pledged to establish and upgrade to international standards airports in Soroti, Gulu, Kibale, Nakasongola, Tororo, and Mbarara.

They say they will build a railway line across the country and refurbish the dilapidated railway stations for cheaper transport and economic transformation of regions across Uganda.

Other pledges include

  • Writing a new constitution
  • Create federal States
  • Cap number of Cabinet and state ministers to 42
  • Trim presidential powers through new legislation
  • Reduce number of MPs to 2 per district
  • New district to be created only after 5years
  • Establish truth and reconciliation commission
  • Proposes a transitional government
  • Create 1million jobs per year
  • Provide investment capital for 1miliion youth, women.