Church Ask Govt To Pass Sexual Offences Bill

Church Ask Govt To Pass Sexual Offences Bill

Women’s interfaith group has asked government to pass the sexual offences bill to curb rising cases of gender-based violence in the country.

The inter faith women group brings together women from the Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Pentecostal churches and others.

The Women of Faith group said once passed into Law, the legislation will provide punitive measures in addressing sexual offences and protection of victims of sexual exploitation abuse, reduce sexual harassment and end impunity.

Speaking at the Launch of 16days of activism against gender-based violence this week, the group chairperson in Uganda, Ms Florence Nassanga said “given the prevailing circumstances on the gender-based injustices in the country, we are deeply concerned by the delayed passing of sexual offences Bill, we believe the passing of the law would provide a basis for deterrent punishment for perpetrators of gender-based violence (GBV).”

The bill was first introduced in 2015. A report by the legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee was later presented on February 13, 2019 but during the processing of the bill, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Aulayah, questioned several amendments made to the Bill and advised that it should be reconsidered.

The Bill is currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee for consideration.