About NRM

About National Resistance Movement NRM

National Resistance Movement was founded as a Liberation Movement that waged a successful protracted people’s struggle that liberated Uganda from fascist and dictatorial regimes. The National Resistance Movement restored political stability, respect for human rights, national unity, peace, security, law and order, Constitutionalism and the rule of law;

NRM launched and executed a minimum economic recovery programme through rehabilitation and development of socio-economic infrastructure, reduction and control of inflation, promotion of local and foreign investment, promotion of private sector led growth and export oriented production;

The National Resistance Movement introduced democracy and enfranchised the people of Uganda through restoration of the vote in regular, free and fair elections;


National Resistance Movement politically empowered previously marginalized sections of our society, namely women, youth, elders, people with disabilities and workers to play their rightful role in management of public affairs:

National Resistance Movement established participatory  democracy through a policy of decentralisation and self-governance through local councils, leading to political empowerment of the people and social harmony;

National Resistance Movement established and operated the Movement Political System, that enhanced the people’s participation in the political, social and economic development of the country;