3rd NRM Weekly Press Release

nrm weekly release

Names of aspiring candidates for the various positions of CEC and flag bearer as per the notice issued on 6th August 2020 were presented to CEC by the Secretary General for consideration.

Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the party in meetings held on 11th and 12th August 2020 recommended to National Executive Council (NEC) candidates seeking elections for positions of National Chairman, NRM Presidential Candidate, 1st National Vice Chairperson, 2nd National Vice Chairperson (female), Vice Chairpersons representing Eastern, Central, Northern, Western, Kampala and Karamoja regions of Uganda. This was done after a thorough vetting and interaction sessions.

NEC subsequently sat through a virtual conference on the 18th August 2020 and the resolutions further transmitted to the 1st extra ordinary meeting of the 3rd National Conference of the NRM party which was held on the 20th August 2020 for voting. Both meetings were held in all the 145 districts of Uganda simultaneously via internet link owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results of the process were announced by the NRM Electoral Commission and I take this opportunity to introduce the successful candidates to the public;

No. Position Name
1 National Chairperson HE Gen. (rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
2 NRM Presidential Flag bearer HE Gen. (rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
3 1st National Vice Chairperson Al Hajji Moses Kigongo
4 2nd National Vice Chairperson Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga
5 Vice Chairperson (Northern Region Rt. Hon. Jacob L. Oulanyah
6 Vice Chairperson (Karamoja) Hon. Aleper Simon Peter
7 Vice Chairperson (Central Region) Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey Ssubi
8 Vice Chairperson (Kampala Region) Hon. Katongole Singh
9 Vice Chairperson (Eastern Region) Hon. Capt. Mike Mukula
10 Vice Chairperson (Western Region) Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi


I want to thank NRM members all over the country for converging and voting without breaching the Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines. NRM has demonstrated to the entire country that the digital campaign and election is possible.

This effectively demonstrated that our core principle of Democracy was fully adhered to while protecting the lives of our members. All these would not have been possible without the full participation of the fourth estate, the media. As a party, we are grateful to the media houses for their objective reporting and on behalf of the party leadership, I want to assure you that we shall work together for the rest of the journey.

2.0 Bicycle Distribution.

The National Chairman of NRM, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 16th August 2020 launched the distribution of yellow bicycles for the over 68,000 NRM Village Chairpersons in the whole country. The distribution already started in Kampala and will soon be concluded and rolled out to the entire country.

No. Division Bicycles distributed
1 Kampala Central 136
2 Rubaga 134
3 Kawempe 120
4 Makindye 243
5 Nakawa 229

Work has started in Wakiso where 200 bicycles were given out so far in Wakiso and more are yet to be sent. Entebbe, Kasangati and Namboole.

We urge the NRM Village Chairpersons to use the bicycles for their intended purpose of mobilizing grassroots support for the party.


3.0 SIG elections at the Village level, launch of Parish level elections.

We participated in the SIG elections and NRM emerged as winners with 79% for the youths and 87% for the elderly and 85% PWDs.

Provisional results for 90% show that; (59,923 villages)

Village Youth Councils

No. Name of Party Villages Won Percentage Won
1 NRM 47,378 79%
2 NUP 1,433 2%
3 FDC 1,333 2%
4 DP 536 1%
5 UPC 537 1%
6 ANT 15 0%
7 PPP 5 0%
8 JEEMA 5 0%
9 IND 8,881 15%
Total 59,923


Village Older Persons Councils (57,757 villages)

No. Name of Party Villages Won Percentage Won
1 NRM 50,211 87%
2 NUP 191 0%
3 FDC 600 1%
4 DP 340 1%
5 UPC 510 1%
6 ANT 6 0%
7 PPP 1 0%
8 JEEMA 1 0%
9 IND 5,877 10%
Total 57,757


PWD Village Councils (49,379 villages)

No. Name of Party Villages Won Percentage Won
1 NRM 41,891 85%
2 NUP 138 0%
3 FDC 485 1%
4 DP 92 0%
5 UPC 344 1%
6 aNT 3 0%
7 PPP 5 0%
8 JEEMa 5 0%
9 IND 6,426 13%
Total 49,379


Highlights of Kampala SIG committee votes since some people think only the Kampala vote matters;


No. Name of Party No. of Villages Won
1 NRM 411
2 NUP 230
3 FDC 08
4 DP 38
5 IND 127



No. Name of Party Villages Won
1 NRM 347
2 NUP 02
3 FDC 01
4 DP 14
5 IND 89


Older Persons

No. Name of Party Villages Won
1 NRM 446
2 NUP 00
3 DP 59
4 IND 77

Draw your own conclusions but one thing is unmistakable; the Silent majority is real.

This week we are going to continue to participate in the SIG elections at the parish level and we are also going to prepare the necessary paper work in readiness for nomination of our presidential flag bearer.


4.0 Primaries

NRM has registered candidates for all elective positions in the 2021 general election. This is a sign of confidence in the politics and ideology of the NRM. We welcome all candidates to the service of the party and the country but also urge you to pay attention to the code of conduct contained in the fourth schedule of the NRM Constitution.

The NRM Electoral Commission also communicated adjustments from the earlier roadmap due to adjustments by the National Electoral Commission. The changes were as follows;

The Election of MPs and Woman MPs 4th September 2020
Parliamentary (SIG MPs-Workers, PWDs, Youth & Older Persons) 10th October 2020
LCV Chairpersons, City Lord Mayor, City Mayors, District/City directly elected councilor and district/city woman councilor. 11th September 2020
Municipal/City division mayor, municipal woman councilor 14th September 2020
LCIII Chairperson/Town Council Mayor/Municipal division Chairperson, Sub-county directly elected councilor & sub-county woman councilor 16th September 2020
Local government SIG councilors 18th Sept-Sub-county level


19th September –Municipal level


20th September-District level

New created sub-counties/town councils 16th September 2020
SIG councilors in newly created sub-counties/town councils 20th September 2020
Sub county SIG committees 6th September 2020
Primaries for Nonunionized workers at Sub-county to elect delegates to the district level 8th September 2020
Municipal/City division SIG committees 17th September 2020
District SIG committees 2nd October 2020
Primaries at district level to elect flag bearers for nonunionized workers delegates to the region 6th October 2020
SIG representatives to LGs 6th December 2020
National Youth Council Committee 3rd November 2020
Newly created Constituencies/Cities 4th September 2020
Older Persons MPs 10th October 2020
Parish SIG committees 19th August 2020

5.0 Vigilance in observing SOPs since numbers souring.


Uganda had 318 positive cases of COVID yesterday, 22nd august 2020, the highest infections reported in a single day. It is important as political leaders and members of the NRM to;


  1. Mobilize communities to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures; use of masks, hand-washing, use of sanitizers.
  2. Not to politicize COVID-19
  3. Support local authorities to enforce regulations and guidelines put in place.
  4. Disseminate updated official health advice to the public
  5. Provide feedback from the constituents to the District Health Office and the Ministry of Health.
  6. Follow the official health advice and regulations provided by the Ministry of Heath because people look at you as role models.

Todwong Richard,

Deputy Secretary General

National Resistance Movement.

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