2021 Presidential Swearing Ceremony

2021/05/09 12:08:19

About NRM

National Resistance Movement was founded as a Liberation Movement that waged a successful protracted people’s struggle that liberated Uganda from fascist and dictatorial regimes

NRM ideologies

1.  Mobilise the people of Uganda to support and work for the attainment of the vision of NRM;
2.Consolidate democracy and constitutional governance in Uganda;

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Ugandans can become NRM members by Contacting the secretary to your nearest Cell (village) or any other Branch Executive Committee member for registration

NRM Mission

The Mission of National Resistance Movement (NRM) is to transform Uganda from a poor peasant society into a modern, industrial, united and prosperous society.

NRM Vision

The vision of NRM is a peaceful, united, democratic, harmonious, industrialised, transformed and prosperous Uganda within a strong and united Africa

NRM Constitution

The precursors of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) started in the student movement of the 1960’s and in the old parties  UPC, Democratic Party – DP

2021-2026 MANIFESTO

National Resistance Movement Chairperson and also Uganda’s President, H.E, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni launched his five-year reelection Manifesto for 2021 Presidential elections yesterday at Munyonyo Resort Hotel.

The sixth National Resistance Movement Manifesto builds on the big successes of NRM ever since 1965 when it formed as a Student Movement.

Speaking at the Launch, Museveni said the 2021-2026 manifesto, under the theme “Securing Your Future” focuses on five priority areas which include, creating wealth and jobs, delivering education and health, ensuring justice and equity, protecting life and property, and achieving economic and political integration.

Flag Bearers Launch Museveni Campaign

NRM Leadership

When it comes to grooming leaders NRM is a champion, this has been demonstrated in our Primaries through the country.

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